Design Research and Strategy, Graduate Student at Carnegie Mellon University

About Me



I'm deeply interested in the creativity that rushes to fill the fractures and fissures that emerge in technological and social systems—the things less imagined.

For nearly a decade I've concerned myself with the exploration, demonstration, application, and management of technology-driven innovation—across finance, manufacturing, entertainment, pharmaceutical, and public institutions.

Most recently, I helped lead a network of over 300 roaming contributors, searching the globe to uncover stories of creativity from the economic fringe. As the research editor of Makeshift Magazine, I was obsessed with ensuring that our readers understood this creativity as an expression of relationships, networks, and resource constraints—not divine technological intervention.

Equipped and experienced with the buttons and levers of sociotechnical systems, I'm here to ask better questions about the future(s) we (who?) imagine (how?)(why?)

(because of?)

and to create the conditions (where?)

that allow (despite?)

other possibilities (in order to?)

to play out.


(so that?)