Design Research and Strategy, Graduate Student at Carnegie Mellon University

Makeshift Bylines


Bylines in Makeshift

In Relief Map, I took a first-person approach to lowering the barrier to entry for digital crisis mapping. Fun fact: while I personally used the provided documentation to learn how to use the tool, I gave my brother the first draft of this dispatch to test its efficacy. I ended the story by demonstrating to the reader not only the need for this activity, but also the immediate impact it can have.

Spies vs. Spied was an abridged interview based on an hour-long interview conducted by one of our editorial board members [and Master of Arts in Design alumnus], Zach Hyman. Constrained to a two-page spread, I condensed the interview by introducing the problem context, discussing the approach Marvin Arnold took against the problem, and closing with an anecdote to bring a personal dimension to the story.

With: Maria Gallucci, Alexia Liakounakou, and Zach Hyman

Featuring Dispatches From: Nepal, United States