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The Building Blocks of Service Innovation

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Learning the Building Blocks of Service Innovation from SMEs

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I was approached by the writer of a recurring column for Research-Technology Management, a peer-reviewed journal published by the Industrial Research Institute, to share some of my insights for their service innovation issue. In this column, I shared my recent primary research on a local small- to medium-sized manufacturer that was able to develop and commercialize an industry-leading service that supported their product line. Often times, stories of innovation appear almost divine in nature. This company’s innovation story, however, was one of excellent foresight, extreme sensitivity to the changing needs of its customers, awareness of new technology, and a methodical approach to iterative problem-solving with new technology. My column reflected this reality and offered four applicable lessons.

With: MaryAnne Gobble and Irene Petrick

For: Research-Technology Management, September-October 2015