Design Research and Strategy, Graduate Student at Carnegie Mellon University

Wishvast Publication

Co-investigator, researcher, writer

Labor Hiring Practices and Produce Supply Chains in Rural Kenya

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For three weeks in Summer 2009, Steve Garguilo and I, working closely with local entrepreneur Andrew Okello Syata tested the theoretical underpinnings of Wishvast through ethnographic field research. We talked to almost 100 individuals about their livelihoods, networks, how they do business, and how they use their mobile phones.

Andrew, Steve, and I, along with corresponding author Khanjan Mehta discuss the intricacies, social dynamics and inequalities of labor hiring practices and produce supply chains—two potential use cases—in order develop sound validations for the concept, business model, and usability of the Wishvast.

With: Steve Garguilo, Khanjan Mehta, Andrew Okello Syata

For: International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Spring 2010